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KLS Packaging

NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.LTD adopts the highest packaging standard to ensure that every product to the customer is intact, which is beyond the ordinary company's ability, and KLS's packaging is the best.


Inner packaging is different because of the type of product,The inner packing includes PE bag, Tray, Tube,Reel packing.The bag is thickened to ensure that the product will not be damaged when received by customers.


The number of inner boxes of different product types is also different. The heavier the weight, the thicker the inner box, ensure that the products will not be damaged due to transportation.


The outer box is made of thickened 6-layer paper, with the highest export standard. The design of the outer box is beautiful.


The KLS outer box is packed with 5 packing tapes, which is convenient for customers to transfer after receiving goods. This is not what ordinary companies can do.